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Elizabeth Gillies is so pretty!

If you use Instagram exclusively to look at pictures of her you won’t feel sad when using Instagram ! Elizabeth Gillies,sometimes known as Liz Gillies,is an extremely talented actress. She portrayed Jade in Victorious and is portraying Fallon Carrington in Dynasty. Liz Gillies should have an impressive income.

Arianator scale

Answer on a scale of 1 strongly disagree to 5 strongly agree the following questions:

  1. If I had money, I would go to Ariana’s concerts.
  2.  I want to buy her album or merchandise.
  3.  If I could help Ariana as a psychiatrist, I would become a psychiatrist.
  4.  Ariana makes me feel happy.
  5.  Should Ariana support me, I’d run for president.
  6.  I watch Ariana all the time and know much about her.

An interesting experiment for MonetizePros


MonetizePro is a website which essentially guides people to blog and convinces them to blog. I have yet to find content length guidelines. Here is something they could try: list and elaborate upon the number of ways to help bloggers meet  their favorite celebrities!


The control group would be what is currently done,  as there is simply content advice and no guides on how to meet celebrities. The experimental group is a series on lists of ways to meet celebrities, a list of fans who meet their idols,  and the average price of meet and greet packages and event bookings for celebrities like Ariana Grande. After six months, not only will the content be compared, readers will kindly be asked to rate the articles on a usefulness scale of one ( useless) to 5 (very useful.)


Almost every fan will want to meet their favorite celebrity. Providing a guide will make people happy, and one look at the number of Ariana Grande’s followers will show the size of the fan of music market.

To be the President (and have your idol sing to you) part One: initial plan

Flipping through the election news channels from a comfortable black living room couch home in Beverly Hills during her winter vacation, 20 year old Frances Amidala said, “The 2016 coverage is getting a little boring.” Demi Lovato emerged on the screen, introducing Hillary Clinton at one of her Iowa rallies and Frances practically screamed inside. “The only event to top this campaign is if Ariana Grande met Hillary!”

Turning off the TV after all of Demi’s live performances and her personal enjoyment concluded , Frances sprang into action to write down her plan to meet Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande. She wrote upon a piece of paper:

My life goals:

Finish my political science degree at UC Berkeley!

Apply for a Senate internship

Become the incumbent Senator from California (If possible, go to Hollywood!)

Avoid all possible scandals.

Get Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande to sing for me when I run for president! (potential scandal, respond with “I’m new to this, can’t public servants enjoy American music as everyday Americans often do?” If the doughnut issue is mentioned, say forgive ness is a Christian value). If opponent presses issue, present self as authentic American who wants to help people.

Examining her ivory skin,brown hair,and large brown eyes,Frances grew confident she’d get votes.

Satisfied, Frances rested during her vacation worked very hard when she went back to school, befriending all her classmates,professors and even the principal by promising to help them meet their favorite singers.

Upon hearing that Frances wished to run, Amber exclaimed “I’ll sing at your rallies and get the whole Acapella club!”, To which Frances gladly agreed if they sang Be Alright. Her deliberation for a presidential bid commenced.

If I could work for Ariana …

I would be her bodyguard or a dancer or personal trainer. Does this require a college degree? I should read more . Go watch the Fan made dangerous Woman tour movies! They’re really inspiring and make me feel happy. I think they might cure depression! Ariana makes people happy more than psychologists ever will! It would be interesting to analyze her business model. I want to be a writer and that’s why I write everyday!IMG_4876.jpg

I just realized to get Ariana Grande to sing for you, you might have to be really prominent and well-known to make her feel honored to sing for you, which requires plenty of work. Not even a college degree can help you do it, because too many people have those. Generating 2000 words of informative content would be slightly easier.

Plan: Sing Bang Bang at graduation?